Platform for Subscription Services, Rent or Buy Movies, Multi-Device Integration


Bright Brand, a company that provides coaching and marketing for service provider brands, needed a comprehensive suite of white label services. Their clients span various sectors, including realtors, non-profit organizations, life coaches, and financial firms. They required full email marketing, e-commerce, website design, and website care plans, all under the client’s branding.


    To meet AMGHBO’s needs, a custom streaming platform was developed. The platform was designed with the following features:

    • Subscription Service: Users can subscribe to the platform on a monthly or annual basis, gaining full access to all videos.

    • Rent or Buy Options: In addition to the subscription service, users also have the option to rent or buy individual pieces of content.

    • Multi-Device and Multi-Platform Availability: The platform is designed to be accessible on multiple devices and platforms, including Roku, FireTV, and Apple, ensuring users can enjoy content wherever they are and on their preferred device or platform.

    • Featured Content: The platform showcases premiered features in the AMGHBO Theatre, highlighting new and popular content for users.


    The custom streaming platform has enabled AMGHBO to effectively deliver their content to their audience. The subscription service, along with the rent or buy options, provides flexibility for users in how they access content.

    The platform’s availability across multiple devices and platforms has significantly increased the reach of AMGHBO’s content, allowing users to access content from anywhere and on their preferred device or platform. This has the potential to increase engagement and revenue for AMGHBO.

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