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Project Showcase & Event Management System

Discover how we’ve revolutionized non-profit operations with our custom solutions for IDS, enhancing project visibility and streamlining event management


IDS, or India Development Service, is a non-profit organization that empowers vulnerable communities in India. They had two key needs:

  1. Project Showcase: IDS required a solution to effectively showcase their numerous projects in three different views: category view, timeline view, and map view.
  2. Event Management: IDS organizes various events for fundraising and community engagement. They needed a professional and advanced event management system that could handle ticket sales, seating plans, and donations, with QR code authentication for owners.


To meet IDS’s needs, two custom development solutions were implemented:

  1. Project Showcase: The approach involved developing both the backend and frontend processes to facilitate the different viewing options. The category view categorizes the projects, the timeline view provides a chronological representation, and the map view provides a geographical representation of the projects.
  2. Event Management: A custom event ticketing system was developed. The system allows users to purchase tickets for events directly from the IDS website, choose their seats based on a seating plan, and make donations. It also generates a unique QR code for each ticket sold for authentication at the event.


The implementation of these custom solutions has significantly enhanced the user experience on the IDS website and streamlined their operations:

  1. Project Showcase: The three different views offer visitors a comprehensive understanding of IDS’s work, allowing them to explore the projects by category, see the timeline of IDS’s efforts, and understand the geographical spread of their projects. This has the potential to increase engagement and support for IDS’s projects.
  2. Event Management: The custom event ticketing system has made ticket sales, seating arrangement selection, and donations a seamless process for both IDS and its supporters. The QR code authentication has simplified the event entry process, improving overall event management. This has not only improved operational efficiency but also potentially increased event attendance and donations.
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