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Built for Bright Brand

Built for Bright Brand

Built for Bright Brand


Bright Brand, a company that provides coaching and marketing for service provider brands, needed a comprehensive suite of white label services. Their clients span various sectors, including realtors, non-profit organizations, life coaches, and financial firms. They required full email marketing, e-commerce, website design, and website care plans, all under the client’s branding.


    To meet Bright Brand’s needs, a range of white label services were provided:

    • Website Design & Development: Custom websites were designed and developed for Bright Brand’s clients, tailored to their specific needs and industries.

    • Email Marketing: Comprehensive email marketing services were provided, including campaign strategy, content creation, and performance tracking.

    • E-commerce: E-commerce solutions were implemented, enabling Bright Brand’s clients to sell products or services directly from their websites.

    • Website Care Plan: Ongoing website maintenance and updates were provided, ensuring the websites remain secure, up-to-date, and optimized for performance.

    • Additional Services: Other services included graphic design, a custom-built search and filter feature, membership and subscription systems, SEO, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration, and migration services.


      The white label services have enabled Bright Brand to offer a comprehensive suite of digital services to their clients, under their own branding. This has enhanced their service offering and allowed them to cater to a wide range of client needs.

      The services have also contributed to the success of Bright Brand’s clients, providing them with professional, high-performing websites and effective digital marketing strategies. This has potentially led to increased customer engagement, sales, and overall business growth for Bright Brand’s clients.

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