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FAQs for Website Maintenance Plans

Difference between the plans?
  • Nano is suitable for small sites, just a fast, secure and optmized website.
  • Micro is great when you like to update the site once a month. We help you to send emails too, if you don’t know how, we’ll help you!
  • Small is a plan for tad busier website. You want to add additional pages every month or make some changes over the weekend, you should choose this plan.
What is Full Maintenance?
We update WordPress and maintain the site for you. You don’t need to worry about the plugins and making the necessary upgrades!
How does the back up work?
We make daily database backups and save them in Google Drive. They are accessible directly from your WordPress account. We make weekly full backup of your WordPress website.
Do you offer webmail in your plans?
We do not offer webmails but recommend you to use GSuite for your business. We can certainly help you to set it up!
Bundles on Site Design and Maintenance?

Currently, we do not offer any bundles. We believe our website design fees are affordable. 

Can you determine the plan for me?
Absolutely! We would be more than happy to analyze which plan is the best for you. If your website is really big and you need more resources, we will offer a different plan for you. The plans are not designed for more than 2000 visits per day.
What is CDN?

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a way when your website is loaded in different various servers in the world. If you are in Europe, the website loads from the servers in Europe so it would maximize the speed.

What are the Tasks?

Tasks are the requests you may have every month for the site. The following items are included in Tasks:

  • Making a minor change in the pages or blog posts (like changing the copy or images) 
  • Making a new blog post
  • Sending email campaigns
  • Troubleshooting an issue on the site when identified by client 
  • Updating or activating a plugin installed by the client 

 The following items are NOT included: 

  • Creating a new page 
  • Re-designing a new page
  • Installing a new plugin 
  • Requesting any urgent request 
  • Adding a new functionality 


What are the Email Campaigns?
We can help you to setup a lead generator (we do not provide the copy) and automate the process. We make the opt-in boxes and the process of how it works. Currently, we recommend working with Mailchimp and Mailerlite.
What does Page Creation mean?

When you

  • Add a new page on your website
  • Want to edit/change the layout (design)
  • Re-design the whole page


How long does a new page creation take?

It depends on the content and the layout. But the average time for creating a new page from scratch is at least 3 hours. This time includes the revisions and changes after the creation. That’s why we offered the “page creation” as an standalone option.

You do not need to pay extra for adding more pages if you choose “Micro” or “Small” plans. Although you’re paying more money per month, even if you create two pages in one year, you are STILL saving! Because the cost of creating 2 pages is going to be at least $270!

What is Premium Support?

We invite you to a Slack channel and you can chat with us. Our normal business hours starts from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. With Premium Support you will be able to expand this from 8am to 7pm from Monday to Friday and 10am to 3pm on Saturday.  

Premium Support offers the fastest way of communication. You can just email or call or Slack us! 

Do you offer bulk savings?

We offer up to 40% discount for more than 10 websites you own and you would like us to take care of them when you choose the annual plan.

For example, you have 11 websites and you choose the Micro plan. Normally you would have to pay ($700 for one website / year) $7,700 for 11 websites / year, with the bulk savings, you will be paying up to $4,620 (11 sites/year) and saving $3,080! 

We offer up to 30% discount for more than 10 websites you own and you would like us to take care of them when you choose the monthly plan.

For example, you have 11 websites and choose the Micro plan. Normally you would have to pay ($75 for one website / month) $825 for 11 websites / month, with the bulk savings, you will be paying up to $577 (11 sites/month) and saving up to $248.

What if the number of tasks exceeds?

When that happens, you will be charged hourly based on Hourly Additional Work rate shown above. You will be getting a report of what work was done and why you were charged. 

FAQs for Website Design

How does your Website Design work?

It’s pretty simple for you because take care of most of the process!

  1.  We speak with you (via phone/email/in-person)
  2. We send you what we’d deliver, the pricing & timeline
  3. We send a few cool mockups for the home page after your approval
  4. You will be providing some content, images, any additional mockups
  5. We fire up the staging server and start building out your website
  6. You will be a secret URL link to view the work prior going LIVE
  7. You give us your feedback and we implement them
  8. We work together to get the green light
What is included in Website Design?

Website Design would be a ONE page website with the following features:

  • Responsive (equal user experience on smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop)
  • Fully protected by an application-layer firewall 
  • Performance optimized through the use of cache 
  • CDN
  • Image optimization 
  • Basic SEO optimization
Why do I need additional page?

We might need to add more pages on the website (i.e. Contact Us, About Us, Services, etc.), these page are not included in the original Website Design fee.  

What is the Hourly Additional Work for?

When you have a plan and you exceed the number of tasks, you will be billed hourly. Anything outside of the scope of contract is billed hourly.

What other services do you offer?

We offer 

  • Website Migration 
  • Website Speed Optimization 
  • Website SEO Optimization

The pricing varies. Please contact us for more details.