Best Hosting Provider for WordPress Website (part 2)

by | Jan 26, 2020 | Hosting, WordPress

Benefits of using my three choices!

Hello again! If you are wondering what we are talking about, please click on the button below and then come back to catch up! Today in this blog post I want to tell you why these three big companies are doing great for web developers! And why I choose them for my clients. 

Pros And Cons Pud9B43

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Your biggest challenge is the learning curve

You have to teach yourself that if you want to obtain something good and valuable, you need to learn it first. You cannot easily find an excellent service without taking any efforts! I picked AWS as my primary web service provider.  They’ve been in business longer than the other ones. They also a lot of choices to choose. 

And just so you know, I don’t make one ¢ on recommending the services! When you sign up with any of these hosting providers, you will enter to a new giant platform! They have so many options, so many things that it makes you confused which is which! 

Hard And Tough

The pros and cons of using AWS | Digital Ocean | Google Cloud



  • Full control aceess of the server
  • There is no other way to access to your server but the “SSH keys”
  • Vairous options will make the app or website even more opmitzied 
  • Choose full, partial up front, or on demand options to pay
  • Choosing on demand, cancel or upgrade at anytime with no fees
  • The partial or up front options are convertibale (you can upgrade)
  • You can easily install or app your own software from scratch
  • You can install an optimized, pre-installed software (free & paid)
  • Add a developer to your control panel  to manage your account
  • Create an image from your current server and clone it
  • Switch the IP address between the servers by a few clicks (AWS)


  • You don’t have hosting control panel like cPanel.
  • You will be given an SSH key to access to the server (CLI & SFTP)
  • There is no webmail or fancy control panel to manage your emails
  • You have to make this commitment to understand the environment
  • Some of the billing statments are a little complicated than what you expect
  • You are solely responsible for your server’s security and maintenance 
  • There are a lot of options available that could make you very confused 

FAQ about AWS  

How do I install WordPress on AWS?

This is a very good question. You can start with a plain Ubuntu server and Apache and MySQL or you can use their own WordPress Bitnami pre-build application from their Marketplace. It’s 100% free and easy to use. I will post a blog to tell you how you can install them from Marketplace!  

What instance do I use for a simple WordPress site on AWS?

If you are expecting less than a few hundrend visits per month I would consider t3a.micro servers. You will have 1 GB of RAM and 2 vCPU. A lot of my clients are on this type!

How do I access to the server via SSH using the Bitnami WordPress?

You will need to have the private key (.pem) file in order to access to the server. You should also change the permissions on your own OS to 400 (chmod 400 filename.pem)! There is a documentation how to access the server on Bitnami website. You can start from here.

What happens after I install the Bitnami WordPress on AWS?

You will be given a password and you can access to your WordPress IP address. Once you create the instance, AWS will automatically assign an IP address to your instance. But please note that this IP address is temporary. Which means if you shut down the server or stop it, it will change again. So you will need to assign an Elastic IP to keep the same IP address. There is no additional charge for an active Elastic IP assigned to an instance.  

There is a banner at the bottom right that says "Bitnami", how do I get rid of that?

You can disable that from SSH only. It’s pretty easy to do that. Just login to your server using SSH and then run these commands. Please note that Bitnami has made a better interface for you to remove the banner. But this method still works perfectly fine.

sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/bnconfig --disable_banner 1
sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache

The first line will disable the banner, the second one will restart the Apache service. If you don’t’ restart the Apache service, it will not be removed! There is also the toturial for you on Bitnami

What is the default password for WordPress on Bitnami?

You can get the password from the conosle on AWS. Please follow the instructions here: link.

How to access to phpMyAdmin using Bitnami?

You cannot access to your SQL database from an IP address or public address. You should use your SSH key & access to phpMyAdmin via There is a this little tutorial for accessing phpMyAdmin on Bitnami (I suggest you to read this especially if you are a Windows user).

You can use these commands to access to your phpMyAdmin on MacOS or Linux:

ssh -N -L 8888: -i "filename.pem" bitnami@SERVER-IP

You can access to the phpMyAdmin via Please note if the 8888 port is already taken, you can use another number on your own. You can access to your site from as well!

* If you have difficulties, please refer to the link above. Or you can ask your question in the comments or contact me. *

Still wondering what to do?

Yes! Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right option. If it is hard to choose the right instance, droplet, type, I am very happy to help you. There won’t be any cost for you to ask this! Just leave a comment and I’ll respond to you. If there are more details you need to share, use our contact form down below (footer). Click on the button says “Contact Ali”!

I will make another blog posts and tutorials for WordPress so you can skip those extra information on Bitnami website. Subscribe to our mailing list to get the emails. I will put the links here once it’s posted! 

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