Best Hosting Provider for WordPress Website (part 1)?


What is the WordPress hosting provider?

Hi everyone, in this post, I will talk about the best hosting providers for WordPress. Because a lot of the users or clients don’t know what to choose or they simply choose the wrong one.

You will need to determine what you are expecting first. Is this a blogging website or some informative site OR this is going to be a dynamic & active website with a lot of queries, plugins? There is a big difference between 1GB RAM versus 4GB. One way to figure out if a hosting is good or no; open the WordPress backend. If it’s slow or it takes more than a few seconds then you should suspect that your plan is probably shared hosting.

I will give you a real story of my client. Her name is Anna and she owns an e-commerce store. We’ve been working together for about 4 years. Long story, short! She started the hosting by 1and1 website. She obviously didn’t have any experience or knowledge about WordPress nor hosting.

The site starts to slow down by adding more functions (because it’s consuming so much)!

In the beginning, the website was totally fine. No down time, no hard time. I was her developer and we happened to customize the website. We installed a few plugins, we added a new theme and made changes on the site.

We noticed that site sometimes loads slow. So first thing was to contact the hosting provider.

We did that and they responded back to us: ” Your website is consuming so much resources due to the plugins. The website’s load time was really slow. I started to look into it by the tools. I thought maybe there is something that I need to “optimize” on our end!

Add Expires headers & Leverage browser caching are mostly about “servers”

At the time, when it came to speed and performance, first recommended website was GTmetrix. There was no Google Insight, though I do believe some of the google’s score is very aggressive. Basically, Impossible! Anyhow GTmetrix complained the following problems:

  • Leverage browser caching
    • → some stuff in your server & .htaccess file
  • Defer parsing of JavaScript
    • → can be done by a optimization plugin
  • Add Expires headers
    • → only server can fix this

That’s it right? No! These 3 factors were the hardest ones when I was trying to fix them.  So I managed to fix the “Defer parsing of JS” but the others, I didn’t have access to the server to fix it. The hosting refused to help us to fix these because they were concerned due to “security & performance” reasons.   

Switching to another hosting & the hassle!

We picked GoDaddy for the next hosting plan. It was a nightmare to move the site. The hosting plan we chose was “WordPress Hosting”! Which means this instance of hosting will be “optimized” for WordPress. No wonder why it didn’t happen.

There was no control over the server. They offered FTP and that’s it! The results didn’t change much. We were really frustrated with the fact that this change was a bigger failure.  

GoDaddy support indicated that you will need to upgrade your plan to something bigger so you won’t have any down time! 

I knew about cloud based hosting, but I never thought that I would use it for some little websites too. I researched a little bit about the plans. I found a few options:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud

There are a lot of benefits to use Cloud Hosting! These 3 companies seem pricey because their name sounds “fancy”! It’s not the real fact,  We chose AWS  among those three companies. But why? I talk about this in the next post.