Why Twitter Card Not Showing on WordPress?


In this article we will cover why Twitter Card not showing on WordPress. If you are using Cache plugin and Twitter Card is not showing properly, click here.

Nowadays social media sharing is one of the tools that a lot of websites use to promote their websites. One of the social media, Twitter, allows you to put a link (URL) on your Tweets. When putting a link, twitter pulls an image and the meta description or the available content on the page.

Twitter Cards

There are a lot of SEO plugins (pro and free versions) that offer specific area for you to put a separate image and meta description for each individual social media. The plugin that Webconsultant247.com uses is RankMath. They have Social Media Preview option for free.

image 9

Different Content Based on Social Media

You can easily choose what you want to put on each social media and decide the best photo. As they vary based on the type of the photo and content you wish to put in there.

image 10

Twitter & Different Types of Cards

Twitter offers a few different types of showcases. Regardless of the type of the showcases, sometimes you do not see the right image in there.

Twitter Card Tester

Twitter offers an awesome tool to see how your blog post looks when tweeting a post. It’s free and fast to troubleshoot your problem. You can find the tool here.

Add your URL in the Card URL field and click on Preview Card button to see what it looks like.

image 11

There is a Log down below the actual Card preview section that says how Twitter was able to find the image. If there are errors, Twitter would show them to you and you can probably figure it out. But sometimes this is not as easy as you would think!

Make sure it’s not cached!

After you scratch your head to figure out what exactly is making the problem. It’s possible that Twitter might have cached your content and it’s pretty important to know that it’s the most updated content that Twitter is pulling.

There are 2 ways in order to make sure the card is not cached and it’s the newest:

  1. Use a parameter to force Twitter to load the content again.
  2. Use a shortener link tool and shorten the link and use the shorten link in the Card Validator.


You can add a ?x=1 on the URL to force Twitter to clear the cache and refresh it.

https://webconsultant247.com ==> https://webconsultant247.com/?x=1

Shortener Link Tool

You may use the tools out there that are available to shorten the link and redirect to the page. This way Twitter might clear the cache as well.

Twitter Card Not Showing on WordPress

Why Twitter Card Not Showing on WordPress?
Why Twitter Card Not Showing on WordPress?

One thing that I noticed while troubleshooting the problem was https & http. It’s important that you use http or https in them meta tag in the source code.

How to make sure you are using the right meta tag?

You can easily see the source code of the page and look at the tag below:

image 13
it has to be https not //webconsultant247.com…

If the tag is something like above, then there is no reason for Twitter not to show your content. Make sure the name is set to twitter:image.

Where and why should not I see the right tag?

Depending on the plugin that you use, you might have to check your plugin. Though if it’s using the same tags, it’s likely your cache plugin removed the http:// or https:// tag from the meta tags to compress and minify the HTML content. When testing, make sure your caching plugin is disabled and do the test.

The plugin that I discovered was called JCH Optimize which caused the stripping https tags. Make sure you are not wasting your time on something else before disabling the cache plugins.